Telstra now making a bigger push for the global cloud market

Telstra has been making use of their two recently launched cloud products so that they can move into the global provider sphere. The two services, Cloud Gateway and their management services dashboard have been giving the company some much needed credence when it comes to the cloud services market.

The director of Platforms at the company’s Global Products business, Jim Fagan said that Australia still remained their biggest market. However he went on to say that their two cloud services which they had launched had managed to differentiate the cloud offerings of the company very well that Telstra was now able to move into various other markets including the Asia-Pacific regions. Fagan notes that the company had started the multi cloud strategy some three years ago.

Telstra offers the access of cloud services to their customers and they have a lot of services to choose from. The IBM SoftLayer, VMware vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services and the Microsoft Azure are all on offer, and for those that want some private cloud solutions they can use the offerings they get from Cisco, EMC, NetApp, and VMware. He said that the company wanted to offer the customers the best service they could get.

According to Fagan, Telstra unveiled some two new unique solutions, in what he coined as the network challenge and the cloud management challenge. The network challenge, according to Fagan, is the interplay that will happen between the infinite scale and the on demand nature of the cloud and the rigid, never changing fixed nature of the networks. This is what was changed by the game plan of the company through the Cloud gateway, their multi cloud connecting solution.

The Cloud Gateway offering gives customers a chance to access all the cloud services which are available in the portfolio, and globally they still have access to them. Customers now get the chance to work on the cloud services in a dynamic way because all they have to do is to connect to one service and they can work on all cloud services.

The Cloud Gateway offering was announced back in April this year as a support for the use of the hybrid cloud services. The services also included the AWS to its stable of the cloud services they offer and also it managed to help its clients to connect to various cloud networks at the same time through the use of the Telstra IP network. Fagan also said that they had managed to address their oversight issue by addressing the cloud management platform. The platform was launched in July, so as to help the services through one dashboard.