Tennessee Titans vs. Chicago Bears – Week 12 Picks And Predictions


Tennessee Titans went into Week 11 with the hopes of entering the divisional title race. They had a chance to make a statement against the Colts but failed to beat them for the second time this season. Now, they are in a very tough position from which they most likely won’t recover.

What can we say about the Chicago Bears that hasn’t been said already? They are an awful team with two injured quarterbacks. Jay Cutler is gone now as he suffered a season-ending injury on Sunday. That might not be a bad thing for the Bears as they do need a change and they have nothing to play for this year. Their two best signal callers are gone, their star wideout is suspended, and they are dead in the water, nowhere near competing for the Playoff spot.


Titans young QB has had a good season, and his improvement is what should be the priority for this franchise going forward. He has all the tools to be a good leader in this league and Titans need to do everything in order to put this man in the best possible position to succeed.

Thre is really no question about who is going to win this duel. Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Titans are going to dominate them on Sunday. It’s not going to be a close game, and Tennesee will finish the job with 31:10 victory and show exactly why Chicago is just as bad as we made them look right in this article.