Tesla Announces Autopilot Upgrade for Model S and Model X


Model S and Model X will from now on have an upgraded 8.0 autopilot mode.

Every day, there is a discussion at Tesla Motors whether cars should have the semi-autonomous systems. Some claim, that this system is beneficial because lives could be saved and stress reduced when driving through heavy traffic. Other, however, would not risk putting their lives into the hands of a computer. This is currently the biggest issue, but considering that the changes must be made and technology develops, it is expected that the people will probably accept the installation of the semi-autonomous system.

A radar system and a camera are located on the car front of Model S and Model X. In order for the system to work driver is supposed to be seated. The new 8.0 autopilot is followed by other major changes. Until now, the cameras were the main source of input, but from now on, the radar will take over. The main reason for this change is that radar can process information quicker and with more accuracy and it is a better option for computer drivers.


Cameras will be replaced by a radar-based system which will play the main role for both Tesla’s Model S and Model X. The radar will take photographs automatically, while on the move, which will be possible with the 8.0 autopilot. It won’t miss anything located on the road because the bumps and other objects will be captured every decisecond. The accuracy of the previous version, which is based on cameras, cannot be compared to the updated one.

Tesla engineers stated that the total perception of the surroundings is gained by bouncing signal and when the snapshots are taken by radar. Because of the high accuracy, the car will brake automatically if the system registers an obstacle ahead. It may happen that Model S or Model X sees an obstacle completely neglected by the car in front and it will apply brakes instantly. This is how precise this system is.

The radar will be equally active and accurate no matter the weather conditions. However, this system is not perfected completely, as it may be distracted by the shiny object (i.e. metal cans) on the road that will cause the car to slow down. Anyway, the engineers are already working diligently on fixing this flaw and with the new 8.1 version drivers can just relax and let the car drive them to their goal.