Tesla Changes the Model 3 Branding


Tesla Model 3 was not supposed to be called Model 3 initially, and those of you who have been following the company from its inception should know that they first wanted to call this vehicle Model E. However, Tesla had some trademark problems with Ford, so instead of Model E, they named their car Model 3. The number “3” in the name is styled with three horizontal lines, which has been used since the new car was introduced in March 2016.

However, Tesla decided to change those horizontal lines back to the normal “3” on their website. When the “3” was styled as three lines, it resembled the original Model E name, and it perfectly fit within Tesla’s famous “S☰XY” lineup. As we all know, their roster consists of Model S, Model X, now Model 3 and Model Y.

Ford threatened to sue Tesla because of the similar naming philosophy, as during the shareholders meeting in July 2014, the company’s CEO Elon Musk said that they needed to give up on the Model E name. Still, replacing the “E” with “3” has the same effect.

Last year, Tesla applied for the Model 3 with three horizontal lines, but they already had trademarks for simply Model 3. We are not yet so sure whether this change is permanent in branding for the latest addition to the lineup, or they will eventually go back to three horizontal lines.

Either way, this should be the first usable electric vehicle meaning that it will not be pricey as Model S and that it will have decent range per charge. Everything we know about it so far pointing out to $35,000 base price which is rather good for a car that should offer more than 200 miles. It is not clear if that price will be for entry level model that will return less range and if there will be different options in the lineup.

We are going to wait for confirmation, so follow us for more details.