Tesla controls how owners use their self – driving cars, legality questioned


Not so long ago, Tesla had declared that all new releases of its vehicles will eventually embrace its full self-driving capability. They also explained how customers can make use of their autonomous feature of their newly purchased cars. Tesla will be facing litigation for the claims they had made about their autopilot technology because of this current behavior. It seems that the company is eyeing on a colossal invasion of the automobile market.

On the Model S page, Tesla had announced that the autopilot software is still subject for approval by the regulatory board. The standards of for approval varies according to each district. The company could not yet decide on its own when the functions of these system will be available or if it will ever be approved. They also cautioned that using Tesla cars for ridesharing with the intention of earning income is limited only to the Tesla network. They allow, however, for friends and family to share rides on these self-driving cars. More information about this shall be release the following year.

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For Tesla, purchasing the Model S implies that you clinch the deal of not using the car’s autonomous features for revenue purposes unless you agree to use it under Tesla’s network. This is indeed an ingenious move for Elon Musk on pursuing his goal in the automobile industry. This agreement locks up Tesla car owners to the Tesla network maintaining profits from the software that operates the hardware.


Is this even legal? That is the question most people ask. This idea puts Tesla in hot waters as they face the public.

How does Tesla determine the way you use your autonomous vehicle? It’s pretty simple. It is able to track the car through the software needed to activate the self – driving hardware device. As the company continues to provide updates to the software, it can also   monitor the driving habit. Musk told New York Times about how they were able to obtain records of the test vehicles exact whereabouts. The company had once again been gravely criticized for these claims.

People contest that Tesla is only using their self-driving cars as a rather income-generating machine. It seems that car owners lose their ownership of their autonomous cars because of the custodial software that they need to keep the hardware running. If this misunderstanding cannot be addressed, the future of Tesla cars might become very drastic.

Several car manufacturers have already developed their own technology for autonomous cars that enables them to remotely shut the vehicle off if a customer misses a payment due date. Here lies a cause for people to doubt the integrity of self – driving cars.