Tesla Driver Profiles Will Be Available On Cloud

Source: hindustantimes.com

Tesla wants to move its personalized driver profiles to the cloud. If you didn’t know, driver profiles track things such as seat and steering wheel position, and this transition would mean that every driver could download these settings to any connected Tesla vehicle and have their driver preferences such as regenerative braking, map settings, temperature units and the other things in place.

Companie’s CEO Elon Musk posted the news about these profiles on Twitter in response to a question from Tesla owner. Musk said that their plan was to move “all info and settings” to cloud-based storage so that “any Tesla you drive in the world automatically adjusts to you.” When driver profiles were introduced, it was a thing of beauty. Imagine that you can have your favorite driver setting into a rental car, a friend’s vehicle or any other Tesla you drive – that would be amazing.

However, this young automaker also tries to set the stage for something which will be essential to every automaker in the near future. It is a persistent, data-rich profile of a user which changes and extends over time, something similar to a Google account. It appears that auto industry is going in the direction of shared services instead of traditional ownership and this kind of information and customer relationship is key for the future and one of the necessary steps that need to be taken.

According to the reports, Tesla has the best position in building these kinds of customer bonds. Cloud profiles could help establish relationships between buyers and automakers, deepen the connection and provide the manufacturer with sufficient details about the drivers which could be useful for future models. Tesla will definitely use that as an advantage as it is the first carmaker that is working on this, but there is no doubt that the others will follow.