Tesla Model X arrived in Hong Kong


Tesla Model X was introduced in Hong Kong on Wednesday last week, and the deliveries should begin soon. Tesla’s first vehicle that was launched in China was Model S, and now it has been followed by Model X.

There is only 1% of electric vehicles in Hong Kong, which means that Tesla can dominate this market. They already command 80% of Hong Kong’s budding market, and with model X they will only secure their position.

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Just a reminder for those that don’t remember. It takes 3.1 seconds for Model X on a 0-60 mph run, which is similar to the Model S. Range is about 300 miles depending on how you drive it but in Hong Kong you might get more than impressive efficiency as it is a heavily congested city. The vehicle will be priced at $78,700 which is a slight increase compared to the US tag where you can buy it for $74,000.


Tesla is supposed to start their deliveries of Model X in Hong Kong either at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. However, they may face the problem of shortage of supplies, so the question is will they be able to satisfy the needs of customers in Hong Kong?

They have struggled to deliver vehicles because of the slow production earlier this year. They obviously expected faster production, but that has not been the case. So, how will they deal with this issue? We don’t know, but they will have to find a solution of some sort.