Tesla Model Y Rendered, Has Side Mirrors


We have seen the first official teaser image of the future Tesla Model Y, and we cannot wait to see the production version in its full glory. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the Model Y name and said that the new compact electric crossover is going to be based on the new platform.

If you are interested in how the new vehicle might look, we provide you with this rendering created by OmniAuto. The first thing that meets the eye is the existence of side mirrors, even though the teaser released in June had none. However, the rendering artists are led to believe that Tesla is going to include side mirrors and not cameras.


Right now, we don’t know too much about the new vehicle that is coming to the lineup, and all we have are promises from the CEO. He said that this compact crossover is going to be assembled in a “way that a car has never been built before.” What he meant by that is that the Model Y will be produced in a dedicated factory, use its own platform and share some parts with the new Model 3 which has hit the market recently. Moreover, Musk predicts that Model Y will “exceed the demand for Model 3,” once it goes out on sale in 2019.

If you are interested in buying the new Tesla Model Y, you should know that it will cost similar to the current Model 3, which means that we can expect it to reach about $35,000. It is too early to talk about the power options, but if anything, they are going to mirror the performance variants of the Model 3.


Technology bits and pieces included in this one will be further improved as Tesla is entering the compact crossover segment, so we are looking forward to the refined Autopilot autonomous driving system as well as the new infotainment features and tech.

Stay tuned for more details.