Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Makes Available Additional Charging Stations in Manhattan

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) which is in the business of developing high-end electric cars will unveil steps to make easier travelling within Manhattan using its automobile or residing there while owning the company’s car.

Manhattan’s dense environment is ideal for electric cars. It’s halt and go traffic as well as short driving distance makes it suitable for electric-powered vehicles. However, with several car owners residing in apartments it is not easy to find places there that offer facilities to quickly recharge the electric car.

The organization has partnered around two dozen garages in Manhattan which provide quicker, 240-volt chargers for Tesla car owners to power up their vehicles.

Tesla already has in place a network of superchargers on major highways which give fast recharging during travelling. In 2014, the electric car entity has been establishing destination chargers at food courts, parks and resorts across the US.

Venturing into urban parking garages is a new thing for Tesla. The latter realizes that urban dwellers face challenges to charge their electric vehicles.

A Tesla spokeswoman, Alexis Georgeson, said that the company was trying to meet the needs of urban customers as well as travelers to urban areas by setting up convenient charging networks. As such Manhattan was the first logical choice.

According to Georgeson, the aim is to give Tesla car owners the option to park by the hour, day, week or month at partaking garages. The company has future plans to enlist many more garages in the network.

While Tesla’s highway superchargers offer free service the garages have the freedom to assign the cost of charging. Residential chargers can take up two or three days with a mere four miles of range per hour. On the other hand, the select New York garages come with Tesla Chargers that add 58 miles of range each hour resulting in a full charge in three or four hours. Tesla’s highway superchargers are super fast charging in barely half an hour. In the future, the Manhattan model may be well replicated in other urban dwellings in the US.

Sources: nytimes