Tesla Needs to Change the Way They Advertise Autopilot


According to Reuters, the way Tesla advertises autopilot is misleading for customers and that is why Government officials from Germany want them to change it. To be more specific, Germany insisted that the word “Autopilot” doesn’t appear in the description of Tesla X and Tesla S.

The officials sent a letter to the company and asked them to change the term while advertising the vehicles, as German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt stated.

Here is what a letter said:”In order to prevent misunderstanding and incorrect customers’ expectations, we demand that the misleading term Autopilot is no longer used in advertising the system.”

Later in the letter, the officials explained that Autopilot requires awareness from drivers. They also said that the car cannot completely drive itself, which most of the customers believe.


This letter was written and sent to Tesla after several crashes occurred because of the Autopilot mode. These collisions caused governments all over the world to inspect this feature in more details and see what it is all about.

Autopilot is “50 percent safer than a human driver,” said Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. However, he also added that drivers need to participate fully. Obviously, something has to change here and we are waiting for Tesla to respond.