Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Recalls 90,000 Model S Sedans to Check Seat Belt Problem

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) issued a voluntary recall on 90,000 Model S vehicles to check the front seatbelt for potential problems. The electric car manufacturer is recalling the vehicles out of “abundance of caution.”

Tesla Motors made the decision after receiving a report from a customer in Europe that the front passenger seatbelt of the Model S came apart, earlier this month. The seatbelt became disconnected when the passenger turned to talk to people in the back seat. No one was hurt or injured in the incident.

A spokesperson for Tesla Motors explained that the bolt connecting the outboard lap pre-tensioner, which pulls the seatbelt tight in case of an accident, was not assembled properly.

Tesla Motors sent e-mails Model S owners advising them to bring their vehicles at the company’s service center. A technician will be checking the seatbelts of the car for potential problems. The company has 125 service centers worldwide.

Tesla Motors will check every Model S

“Our investigation was unable to reveal any root cause. We are going to look at every single car. We expect the vast majority of seatbelts to be fine,” according to the electric car manufacturer’s spokesman. He added that Tesla Motors will send technicians to customers if it is necessary.

Tesla Motors did not receive any similar report or problem in its assembly line. The electric car manufacturer already informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding the recall. The company also informed government agencies in Europe, China, and other countries regarding the issue.

The company expected the cost of the worldwide recall to be immaterial as it would only take six minutes for a technician to fix any problem on the seatbelt.

Tesla Motors said customers can also test if the seatbelts of the Model S have a problem by pulling the lap portion “very firmly” with a force of 80 pounds. Still, the company advised owners to bring their cars to its service center.

Previous Model S recalls

Last year, Tesla Motors recalled 29,222 Model S vehicles due to a charging problem that could result into a fire. The company updated the vehicle’s software to prevent the connector adapters from overheating while it is charging.

In 2013, electric car manufacturer also recalled 1,228 Model S because the strength of a mounting bracket was affecting the vehicles second-row seat.

The stock price of Tesla Motors declined less than 1% to $219.99 per share at the time of this writing around 3:09 in the afternoon in New York.