Tesla Motors Releases New Tesla Wall Connector Without Anyone Noticing

Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has reportedly quietly released the Tesla Wall Connector on its equipment website, which went unnoticed, amidst all the news about the release of the Tesla Model S redesign and few new features.

The new Tesla Wall Connector charger has a rate of up to 80 amps, much like the previous version, but at a price of $500 it is significantly cheaper than the $750 old charger. The new charger also features a “power sharing” function.

Tesla Wall Connector power sharing feature

Tesla Motors said the new power sharing feature of the Tesla Wall Connector was an optimized solution which would be useful for users with several Tesla cars. This is also particularly useful because Tesla has started ramping up the production of Tesla Model X vehicles, especially since most of the buyers are already Model S owners.

Tesla described the power sharing feature on its website: “Power sharing feature that allows a single circuit breaker to be connected and shared, servicing up to 4 Wall Connectors – an optimized solution for customers with multiple Tesla vehicles.”

Of interest also, Tesla has also upgraded the standard onboard charger from 40 amps to 48 amps, with the Model S update that just came out. This brings it to the same level with that of Model X standard charger.

The new Model S charger is now readily available with an 8.5′ or 24′ cable. The cable can also be configured in at least 13 different circuit breaker settings, ranging from 15 amps to 100 amps. This is helpful because many houses are equipped with the 100 amps circuit breakers.

When the new Tesla Wall Connector charger is paired with a high amperage charger, it is able to charge the car at a rate of over 58 miles per hour.

Tesla is also expected to launch its destination charging program in Europe very soon. The feature was only available in North America at the moment. This means the European version will probably have the new features also.