Texans Make A Huge Step Towards The Postseason With Win In Indy

Source: houstontexans.com

Indianapolis Colts were in a great position going into Week 14. They had the chance to beat the Texans, take the lead in the division and the tiebreaker over Houston. They already have that tiebreaker over the Titans, so this one would have put them in a great position to win the division. Well, things didn’t go according to their plan.

Colts were slow to start the game, and the Texans made the most out of their opportunities. They were running the ball all day long on this defense and won the game because of Lamar Miler and his 101-yard performance. He was also able to get into the end zone to complete his great stats sheet. Texans knew that they needed to run the ball in order to finish as victors since Brock Osweiler was shaky in the past couple of matches.

Source: houstontexans.com

Even though Colts made an effort to make a comeback, Andrew Luck just couldn’t do it in the most important duel of the season for this squad. Now, they are in a tough spot as they need the Texans to collapse and lose at least two games in order for them to win the divisional race.

Texans are now in the driver’s seat. But, the job is far from done as the Titans are tied with them and behind just because of the tiebreaker. Osweiler and company just can’t afford to get too comfortable after that win as it can cost them the division and a spot in the postseason.