Thay Humes, Talented Entrepreneur, Provides 10 Simple Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

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It doesn’t matter what your business does, which products it sells or what services it provides; your success, indeed your very survival, depends on the loyalty of your customers. Without a steady supply of satisfied customers, the lifespan of your company will be severely limited.

Entire books have been written on how to build a great brand and engender greater customer loyalty, but the solution may be easier than you think. Improving the loyalty of your customers is not rocket science, and sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

As an FAA licensed helicopter pilot and co-founder of Humes McCoy Avitation, Thay Humes knows the importance of safety, timeliness, and precision when it comes to flying. He uses his time management skills and ability to understand the needs of his clients to provide the highest quality of service, every time. Thay Humes has created a company that continues to exceed expectations and one that will benefit the aviation industry for years to come.

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Below, Thay Humes provides 10 easy ways to drive customer loyalty and build a better business.

  • Always say thank you. Thanking your customers does not cost you a thing, but it could be invaluable to your business. Take the time to thank your customers every single time. This simple trick can work wonders.
  • Celebrate customer anniversaries. Everyone loves to be acknowledged, so take the time to remind your customers of important anniversaries. Has it been a year since that first order? Or a month since their last product arrived? These simple reminders can be beneficial in building customer loyalty and driving additional orders.
  • Establish a formal customer loyalty program. If you do not already have one, take the time to set up a formal customer loyalty program. Rewarding your best customers with new products, free shipping, and other perks is a great way to drive sales and boost profits.
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  • Exceed expectations for customer service. Consumers expect great customer service; it is a part of the game. What they do not expect is customer service that goes above and beyond the ordinary. If you want to wow your customers and increase loyalty, be willing to go the extra mile.
  • Reach out on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets can be great tools to develop customer loyalty, so make sure you are active and engaged on all the major platforms.
  • Admit your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is inevitable that you will sometimes fail to deliver. Maybe the order got lost or the product broke the first time it was used, things happen. How you handle those blunders makes all the difference, so own up to your mistakes; apologize and offer reparations to the impacted customers.
  • Survey your customers. If you want to drive customer loyalty and build a reputation for stellar customer service, start by asking how you are doing. A simple two or three question survey could reveal valuable information; data you can use to further improve your efforts.
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  • Share your story. Every business owner has a story to tell, so take the time to share yours. Forging a personal connection is a great way to foster customer loyalty.
  • Build a sense of community. No matter how diverse their other interests might be, your customers all have one thing in common. Look for ways to create a sense of community; this shared sense of belonging is a powerful driver of customer loyalty.
  • Never rest on your laurels. No matter how great things are going, you can always do better. Instead of relying on your past success, redouble your efforts and look for more ways to create lasting customer loyalty.

The loyalty of your customers is one of the biggest drivers of your business’s success, but gaining that loyalty will not happen on its own. If you want to wow your customers and build a great brand, you need to exceed their expectations, value their business and thank them for their purchases. The 10 simple tips listed above can help you build a better and more successful brand, all thanks to the loyalty of your customers.

About Thay Humes

Thay Humes is the leader behind Humes McCoy Aviation and a visionary in the field of air travel and transport. As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Humes is a certified helicopter pilot whose passion is flying. Thay Humes has professional values which are instilled from his military work ethic and ability to accomplish tasks with honor and integrity.