The 100 Season 5 Officially Confirmed


The Season 5 for the series The 100 has been officially confirmed. The CW announced via Deadline that the apocalyptic drama would continue for at least one more season. The nuclear apocalypse struck at the end of season four, but it appears that a few characters survived even though we believed that everything was gone.
The 100 is going to return even though many fans decided not to watch the show any longer because of the fatal fate of fan-favorite character Lexa. Despite that, the season four offered enough for the fans, and the story will be extended with additional episodes.

The creator of the show is Jason Rothenberg who will continue to be the executive producer and showrunner. However, we need to mention that Rothenberg has a new pilot in preparation at The CW and it is called Searchers. Because of that, there might be some shifting in the role of the showrunner eventually, but these are just guesses. To play it safe, The 100 could just hire a co-showrunner.


Synopsis – First Episode [Spoilers]

Clarke Griffin, played by Eliza Taylor is expecting to hear something from the group on the Ark or in the bunker when suddenly, a strange craft drops from the sky. Who can that be? Is it a friendly face, or an enemy? The synopsis read: “Be among the first to find out what’s in store for season five.” Soon, we expect the Q&A session with the stars of the show consisting of Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropolous, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, Richard Harmon and Christopher Larkin.

The 100 Season 5 Release Date

The series has been confirmed officially, but the release date is still somewhere in the mist and hidden from us. Nevertheless, we expect the season five to commence at the beginning of 2018, but when we obtain more information, we will update this.

Stay tuned for more details.