The Best Foosball Table Reviews


Foosball tables offer hours of non-stop fun for the entire family. In fact, who can forget playing foosball at their favorite billiards of after-school center? If looking to recapture the magic and entertainment for your house/game room, there are several tables available on the market. From soccer enthusiasts to those that just love games, these tables’ help melts away the daily stress and tension.

You can also enhance your skills while hosting tournaments right from the comfort of your garage or game room. Check out foosball table reviews to learn more and see the most popular tables below!

Sport Squad FX40


The Sport Squad FX40 remains one of the top foosball tables in the industry. This 4-star table continues to receive stellar industry ratings and player reviews. With a medium-density fiberboard and sturdy legs, you and yours will have hours of fun with this highly valued table. This is a great tabletop table for kids and features chrome-plated rods for durability and sturdiness. Here are some more benefits of the Sport Squad FX40 foosball table:

  • About an hour to assemble but very fun and user-friendly.
  • There are no adjustable legs, but you can play three-man goalie.
  • Bigger in size than most tabletop tables at 40″ L 20″ W 8″ H.
  • This foosball table is made from engineered wood, which is far better than plastic boards or materials.
  • A compact unit that comes with 2 free balls and a manual scoring system.
  • The Sport Squad FX40 is a great tabletop foosball table for kids and adults. While simplistic in design, this table is sure to meet all your playing needs within time and budget. Currently priced at around $65 retail.

S&S Worldwide Mini


The S&S Worldwide Mini has received good foosball reviews for its practicality and performance. With a medium-density fiberboard and steel rods, this 3 ½ star rated table is perfect for kids and adults. In fact, it features an elegant wood finish for aesthetic appeal. This is accentuated by steel rods and a three-man goalie. The four rods have three players per rod and there is even a manual scorer for added convenience. You get two soccer balls and here are some more benefits:

  • This popular tabletop foosball table’s dimensions are 40″ L 20″ W 8″ H.
  • An ideal choice for kids under 5 and guaranteed to last for years to come.
  • Somewhat smaller than the Sport Squad FX40 but great for tables in playrooms, media rooms and dens.
  • Carefully crafted from fine wood for added durability and strength.
  • A great table soccer gift for any loved one, co-worker or friend.
  • Features resemble a toy table, but it is anything but that. Currently priced at $35 retail.

Harvil Tabletop


The Harvil Tabletop foosball table is somewhat new on the market. However, its popularity has propelled the brand to compete with Sport Squad FX40. Its dimensions are 38″ L x 19.75″ W x 8″ H. There are also six silver steel rods for optimal play and performance. This table even has rubber legs that protect the surface it is placed on.

The Harvil Tabletop continues to receive great foosball reviews. With a three-man goalie, the table is perfect for novices and seasoned players. You can easily retrieve the balls in pockets next to the manual scorer. The table is also mobile and lightweight at 12.13 lbs. after assembly. Here are some more advantages of this fun foosball table:

  • Sturdy table with convenient features.
  • Six steel rods for faster speed of games.
  • Rubber legs that protect surfaces.
  • Lightweight, mobile and perfect for play and media rooms.
  • Dimensions are close to Sport Squad FX40 but with slightly different features.
  • A new product on the market which can be compared to seasoned foosball tables.

The Harvil Tabletop is currently priced at $60 retail and comes with 2 soccer balls.

Triumph Sweeper


The Triumph Sweeper also makes the list for a great foosball table with features. In fact, it looks like a $500 table but it’s currently priced at $90.00 retail. This sturdy table’s dimensions are 50″L x 25″W x 5″H, which are compatible with foosball tournament regulations. It features 36″ steel rods for durability and faster speeds for games.

This popular foosball table has four legs and is made from plastic and wood components. While not the best quality material, it is still solid and great for entry-level and seasoned players. This table features a three-man goalie with a convenient manual scorer. You also get 4 36mm soccer balls with your purchase.

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