The Best Luxury Yachts for 2019

Sailing the seas can bring your mind tranquility, but it is a luxurious experience and one that few people can afford.

You can imagine the number of luxurious yachts that are sailing parts of the world right now as you are reading this, and ranking them is also hard because of the different things they offer you.

But we have done our research on the best luxurious yachts for the upcoming year. Bear in mind we are excluding the world’s most expensive ones for the ones that some of us can actually afford to take a ride in.

1. Miraggio

This yacht was built in 1988 by builders Siar Moschini, and the asking price for this beauty stands at $3.9 million by brokers Northrop & Johnson. This luxurious vessel can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins. The interior of the yacht consists of rich mahogany, and the yacht itself has a main deck and VIP suits. The full length of this beauty stands at 135 feet, and the whole yacht is equipped with a state of the art bathroom facilities and entertainment centers.

2. True North

True North had a complete refit in 2013 with a completely new interior of rich mahogany joinery with generous use of marbles, Italian fabric as well as leather. The yacht’s asking price is $3.5 million, and it can accommodate 8 owners and guests, and 5 crew member. The yacht has 4 state of the art VIP staterooms and 3 cabins for crew members, as well as, the main deck. The whole yacht stands at 118 feet.

3. 88ft Luxury Superyacht

This 88 feet yacht is the best boat for events and parties. It’s spacious enough to hold 40 guests with captain and crew members. It has large and comfortable overnight rooms that won’t trouble your sleeping, large entertainment area, bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and pantry. This luxurious 88 feet beauty can be found at Yacht Rental Dubai and will be the perfect yacht to celebrate any kind of events while enjoying the beauty of the sea.

4. U Wish

Measuring at 135 feet, U Wish is a state of the art vessel that can accommodate up to 8 guests in four cabins. The yacht includes a master suite with an office as well as, VIP suite with two twin cabins on the upper deck. There is enough room for a few entertainment centers and bathrooms. It is so spacious that it also has 3 cabins for crew members.

5. 90ft Luxury Superyacht

Like the previously mentioned 88ft Luxury Superyacht, this one is also perfect for hosting an event. Although it can hold less than the 88ft, it is still big enough to accommodate an average crowd. This yacht is the perfect choice for an open sea party due to the large overnight staterooms that provide you with a place to spend the night. Other facilities include a main deck, where all the fun is going to be happening, bathrooms, entertainment areas and more. The yacht also has a barbecue grill, perfect for bbq parties, high-end sound system, perfect to get the party started, as well as a large flybridge that will keep everyone entertained and on their toes. Dubai Marina yachts are the perfect choice for all those that want a perfect vacation.