The BMW R 1200 Hover Bike Concept – Could This Happen?


Whatever a man can dream, he can make it a reality. LEGO and BMW have been partners for a long time, and LEGO has been making the block kits which reproduced real-world motorcycles assembled by the German manufacturer. The recent creation of the company is the visionary Hover Ride concept which truly looks futuristic, and it shows a clear path which BMW should take.

They have assembled a real-life-scale concept bike, and they revealed that the possibility of making one of these that will actually work is existent. Now that the concept has been created, BMW only needs to find the way to make this thing hover.


Hover vehicles are a thing of the future, and if you think that this is just a concept made by LEGO, you are wrong. Just think of flip-open wireless communicators – they are a decade old now. What about phasers on stun? Tricorders? There are way more things, but you see where this is going. For some of the devices, it took about 50 years to go from imagination and concepts to a real-life thing, but that happened nevertheless. So why couldn’t BMW assemble the hover bike dubbed as R 1200?

Even though it is a concept, some of the things such as front fairing, boxer-twin powerplant and piggyback, shocks are familiar to most of the car and bike aficionados. On the other hand, the design looks rather unstable, and you can see that the motorcycle is leaned forward a bit too much. We will not go any deeper into the analysis of this hover bike, but I think I speak for all when I say that we would want to see this bike becoming a thing of reality. It would be really cool to hover around town in this mighty bike. As for now, the BMW R 1200 Hover bike remains just a toy.