The Curse Of Oak Island Season 4 Episode 8 – The Mystery of Samuel Ball

With Lagina brothers getting closer to the discovery of one of the biggest mysteries related to Oak Island we are getting more and more details about The Curse Of Oak Island Season 4 Episode 8 and its plot.

The episode that is scheduled to air on January 3 is named The Mystery Of Samuel Ball, and even we don’t have full plot regarding this episode we could hear few things that strongly suggest that the crew is close to solving few puzzles.

According to reports, Lagina brothers will find important evidence that clearly shows a link between American slave from the 18th century and the mystery that revolves around this island. It is unclear in which direction it will take the team, but hopefully, this will help out in clearing up few things.

In the previous E7: All That Glitters we could saw a second massive dig in the Money Pit that was started by the crew. Also, possible proof emerged that the shipwreck is located somewhere in the swamp. With new evidence, the crew is going further, and things start to heat up even more.

One of the things that point out in a direction that this TV Show, or reality, if you want, is going to end soon is the fact that Season 5 haven’t been confirmed yet. This is a popular show, and there is no doubt that network would want to continue its filming, but in case that Rick and Marty solve the mystery it could be ended after this season.

All the talks about Season 5 are based on rumors and predictions so take that with a pinch of salt as we are still far from knowing what will happen with the show. As we previously said episode eight of the fourth season will be aired on January 3 so be prepared for big things to happen.