‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 5: The show continues!

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The Season 4 of “The Curse Of Oak Island” has left the audience craving for more. Some fans are being more than impatient as they are waiting for History Channel to release some information regarding the Season 5.

The Curse Of Oak Island – Why is Season 5 expected?

“The Curse Of Oak Island” reached its rating peak in the final of Season 4, and such high ratings didn’t happen since the show was first released. For this reason, the whole team that stands behind the show is expected to indulge the audience and continue with Season 5.

Apart from that, as we all know, Lagina brothers didn’t manage to find anything of importance in the last episode of Season 4 although everyone was in a way expecting it.

What is the Lagina brother’s final decision regarding the show’s continuation?

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According to MStars News, at first, brothers were hesitating on whether they want to have “The Curse Of Oak Island” continued or not. Therefore, creator Kevin Burns has its hands tight because everything related to this issue depends solely on two brothers.

Another thing is that Lagina brothers are for some reason unwilling to make their appearance on television, and these claims have also been confirmed by Monster&Critics. As a consequence, some media started to circulate the rumors about Season 5 should not be expected. According to them, it will be canceled, and the fans should start slowly accepting the idea.

But, the recent news suggests the contrary. What we know now is that Lagina brothers gave the green light and took one up on working on “The Curse Of Oak Island” Season 5. To many fans’ delight, it is most likely that the show will continue after all. What we should now hope for is that in the next season we finally come to a bit more, or perhaps hopefully find out what lies behind a 200-year-old mystery.