The Curse Of Oak Island – Will There Be Season 5?


Numerous fans of The Curse of Oak Island are still wondering whether or not there will be Season 5. We cannot say anything for sure since there hasn’t been any official announcement on either renewal or cancellation of the show. There has been some rumor that History Channel had a limited budget and hence won’t be able to continue the series. As we know, the Lagina brothers use state-of-the-art technology and heavy equipment for their endeavor, so they need an enormous investment.

Furthermore, Craig Tester’s son’s death had a great impact on everyone connected to the series, and it is a big question what consequence it will leave on the show itself. His unexpected death was a big jolt for the producer, so he might not be able to continue with the show, being in mourning. It seems that numerous viewers are of the opinion that the show will be at least postponed, if not completely canceled due to his demise. On the other hand, there is a group of fans who think that his loss may actually create a path for the series, which is quite a difficult logic to understand.


According to some reports, History Channel seems to be keen to continue by bringing The Curse of Oak Island Season 5. Nonetheless, the decision is completely Rick and Marty’s, so it’s up to the Lagina brothers to choose whether they will continue with the show or not. According to Travelers Today, Rick and Marty are working on creating new strategies mainly by reviewing what the earlier treasure hunters did. They might be trying to see whether there is anything previous expeditions might have failed to see. Still, it seems that they haven’t created any successful strategy yet.

Let’s hope the Lagina brothers won’t keep us in suspense much longer and that we will get positive indications on the show.