The Debut Of Woken Matt Hardy On Monday Night Raw


Many fans wanted to see Matt Hardy’s broken character ever since he came back to the WWE during a tag team championship match at Wrestlemania 33. It was a character that was one of the most popular in the world over the past two years. Broken Matt Hardy has been one of the biggest stars in wrestling which ultimately made the company want him back even more.

Anthem Sports had the legal rights to his character and didn’t want to let him use it on WWE TV. This was a huge disappointment for the fans, but more importantly, Matt Hardy himself was disappointed and angry at the same time.

After a long legal battle, he was finally able to obtain his character. Even though he had to change the name from Broken to Woken, everybody knew that the name of it is not going to make a huge difference. The most important thing is that he is now on WWE television.


Many wanted him to feud with Bray Wyatt as this is just a perfect first feud for Woken Matt. WWE had the same thought process as the fans did and they have put him up against the Eater of Worlds.

Last night, we had a chance to see Woken Matt Hardy for the first time in the ring. As expected, he won his first match against Kurt Hawkins. After the battle, Bray Wyatt showed up and Woken Matt acted, well, like Woken Matt Hardy – laughing right in his face, but with that determined look, like he really believes in the character that he is portraying.

Now, we still don’t know whether or not this match will take place at the Rumble or will the WWE wait and save this clash for Wrestlemania.