The Gadgets and Accessories Every Car Needs in 2019

Cars are transportation vehicles that take us from point A to point B in a relatively short time, as opposed to the traditional way of walking. Cars are also excellent for road trips, and road trips mean a lot of time behind the wheel.

But fortunately for us, there are a lot of gadgets and accessories out there that enhance the driving experience. With new gadgets and accessories coming out every year, we’ve compiled the best ones for 2019. You can visit LevittownFordParts for more info and some other lists!

1. Heads-Up Display

The first gadget on our list is a Heads-Up Display that turns any smartphone into a GPS tracker that projects the road ahead in a transparent screen in from of you. This gadget usually supports both Android and iOS devices and can even be used to receive calls, texts, music, etc. A Heads-Up Display is the perfect gadgets for newer cars, as it has a sci-fi feel to it.

2. Smartphone Car Mount

Smartphone holders, or smartphone mounts, are becoming more and more popular nowadays as the use of smartphones is even bigger in diving, nowadays. A smartphone can be used as a GPS navigator, or it can be used for other things such as listening to music while driving, making calls, etc. And this is where a smartphone car mount comes into play. Namely, you use this accessory by hooking your smartphone to it. This accessory is mostly hooked to the air vents and it attaches to your phone, allowing you to see the entire screen.

3. Custom Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are excellent accessories if you’re constantly driving throughout the day. Air fresheners serve the purpose of keeping the bad aroma away and replacing it with a dose of “fresh” air. But the reason as to why you need this isn’t because of the air freshener, it’s because this accessory can be customized to your liking. You can put any design you like to it simply by sending a picture to the company that makes them. To rock your company merch while driving, make sure to visit

4. Mirror Dash Camera

Dash cameras are very useful gadgets that promote safety while on the road. But dash cams are mostly placed to observe the road ahead, rather than behind. So why not enhance your driving experience by placing a dash camera that monitors cars from behind you? Furthermore, a mirror dash camera is excellent for capturing you and your friends, and every bit of interesting moments, while on a road trip.

5. Inflatable Car Bed

Yet another must-have road trip gadget/accessory is an inflatable car bed. Road trips can sometimes take ages, and it could take several days for you to reach your destination. So why not buy an inflatable car bed that will allow you the much-needed rest in between driving? Inflatable car beds suit most sedans and SUV’s and they add another layer of comfort every time you feel tired. Most inflatable car beds include the bed itself, two pillows, a repair kit, and an inflator/deflator device that uses to inflate/deflate the bed itself.