The home of world’s billionaires – New York’s most luxurious building

There probably aren’t many people who wouldn’t like to live in this building in New York. This luxurious building most likely is a dream come true of every person alive on this planet, and there are some lucky ones who have already indulged themselves by enjoying its charms.

After Meg Ryan, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, actor Jake Gyllenhaal has arrived at the same building in New York.

This pleasure cost him $ 8.63 million which is the sum that he paid for the apartment in this lovely neighborhood. On the other hand, Meg Ryan spent $9.39 million for a three-bedroom, 3.5-bath unit located on the sixth floor of this building.

And if you recall, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, got a $7 million “celebrity discount” upon purchasing a $20.19 million penthouse.

“Justin got that $7 million discount in part because of who he is. We want people like that in the building,” developer Nathan Berman said for the New York Post.

Housing prices at 443 Greenwich Street range from $ 3.5 to $ 14.5 million, while the most expensive penthouse costs 55 million and has 800 square meters with 300 square meters of terraces.

The building has seven floors, 53 apartments at total and it is created in such a way that once you enter, you do not want to leave it. It has a swimming pool, a fitness center, a wine cellar, a roof terrace, and one thing especially made for celebrity. That is an underground carport entrance to make it easier for them to escape from the paparazzi. The building provides all the benefits that a person can only wish for. It is absolutely breath-taking, and every inch of it was created to provide you with pleasure.

The building dates all the way back to 1880, and only recently was it redecorated into a luxury building.

You will be absolutely amazed by its amazing appearance so feel free to take a look at this marvel of design.