The Last Kingdom Season 2 – Release Date, News And Update


A popular historical drama series shown on BBC One at the moment has its second season in production. Namely, ‘The Last Kingdom’ has a great army of fans waiting to see what will happen in the second installment of the series. There are a lot of spoilers circulating online, and we can thus see that Young Ragnar will focus on vengeance for his father and family. What impact will this have on his relationship with Uhtred?

The producers of ‘The Last Kingdom’ released a video some time ago in which Tobias Santelmann revealed a few details about his character – Young Ragnar. He mentioned what viewers will have an opportunity to see next year when ‘The Last Kingdom’ is said to be coming out. He also pointed out that Young Ragnar will seek revenge for the deaths of his father and his whole family. No matter whether anyone is willing to help him or not, he will do it anyway.

However, he won’t do it on his own. There will be the Danes to give him a hand if need be. Another detail Tobias Santelmann revealed about Season 2 is that main character will have more power over the Danes than Guthrum, who is portrayed by Thomas W. Gabrielsson. As we saw in the first season, Ragnar and Guthrum become equal, but as far as the second season is concerned, Guthrum will turn to the Christianity and thus lose his leadership of the Danes.


What’s more, the character played by Alexander Dreymon – Uhtred will also want vengeance for his father’s death. Although Young Ragnar is like a brother to him, their goals might bring the two of them to many conflicts. Namely, Uhtred joined the Saxons and King Alfred, played by David Dawson.

In the meantime, there are a lot of photos from the set posted online on the show’s official Instagram accounts. There are many unusual scenes from ‘The Last Kingdom,’ but one can hardly conclude what’s going on in them.

‘The Last Kingdom’ will premiere on BBC Two and Netflix in the USA in 2017.