The Most Legit Theories of the Curse of Oak Island Mystery

People all over the world have heard of a great 200-year-old mystery of Oak Island. This small island off the coast of Nova Scotia hides mysteries that so many treasure hunters long to solve. According to the popular History Channel’s TV show, The Curse of Oak Island, this place is the home of the Money Pit legend which suggests that a young boy once found something that looked like an invisible “X” mark. Ever since then, people have been trying to discover what this location hides, but no treasure has been found so far. Such a great mystery is, naturally, hard to let go, so as time goes by, people keep creating more and more stories to explain it. We have made a list of top five theories that seem to be most legit.

1. The Mysteries of Nova Scotia

Some people firmly believe that Oak Island is just a part of an even greater mystery. Namely, the geometric pattern that John Coleman has discovered does not only mark some curious locations all over the island, but it also shows some interesting locations of various Nova Scotia monuments.


2. Captain’s Treasure

Others believe that the treasure that’s yet to be found is the one of Captain William Kidd, the Scotish pirate, buried in the 1600s. Even though certain critics consider it impossible that Kidd had enough time to gather so much treasure and hide it in that particular area, some people still stick to Kidd’ sailors’ words, as they confirmed that there is a treasure to be found.

3. Freemason Mystery

The third theory suggests that the Freemasons were the ones to construct the site, perhaps to hide some of their own valuable belongings. What makes people believe so is the fact that somewhere in the Money Pit there is an inscription which comprises some foreign letters which could easily be hieroglyphs, together with signs of a sun with flaming rays.

4. A Natural Phenomenon

After so many years of digging and efforts to explore this mysterious location, some people have come to the conclusion that the Money Pit is, actually, just a sinkhole which had served as a dumping ground.

5. Another Pirate Adventure

Finally, there is an assumption that the infamous pirate Blackbeard had buried his fortune there long time ago and that that’s the mysterious treasure that’s been giving us a headache for so long. This could be possible, given that there had been quite a few pirates in the area of Nova Scotia back then, and it is a well-known fact that Blackbeard had always been connected to the island.