The Most Likely Winner Of The 2018 Royal Rumble Is?


4The Winner Of The 2018 Royal Rumble Is?


As soon as the Survivor Series ends, it is time to think about the Royal Rumble and the storylines that WWE should go for. It is the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania, company’s biggest show of the year. It is the most important period in the WWE and the most exciting one. Nothing really symbolizes the road to Wrestlemania quite like the Royal Rumble, one of the most exciting matches in the WWE.

The winner of the fight goes straight to the Mania and is in one of the main event matches, one of the World Championship duels. Last year, we had one of the most unpredictable Royal Rumbles as there were a lot of guys that could have won that match. In the end, it was Randy Orton that stood tall above everybody else.

This year, the Royal Rumble isn’t looking like something that is going to be hard to predict. The match is going to be exciting nonetheless, but that mystery surrounding the winner is likely going to be gone.