The Most Unique Japanese Cat Names That Are Just Right For Your Fur Baby

As widely known, Japanese culture is one of the most unique there is. Though every culture is beautiful in its way, Japanese really kick it up a notch with their phenomena and customs. With Buddhism being widespread in this country, they are really fond of animals, especially cats. And with the origins of this philosophy in Japan, cats came as well. It is said that they were imported from India, through China, and the records of first domestic ones range back to 9th century AD.

Cats really do have a specific place in Japanese culture, and it is said that the first named cat Myobu no Otodo (Chief Lady-in-Waiting of The Inner Palace) had 11 ladies just to nurture and take care of her. At one point, they were responsible for guarding sacred books in the Buddhist temples, and in the 17th century almost every house had one. Rats had nowhere to hide.

With the great respect, Japanese have for cats comes unique naming as well. These animals are usually given mysterious or significant names, and those are now becoming widely popular all around the world. And it is true, there are so many different names, beautiful and unique, that sound just right for your fur baby. Let’s take a look at some.

Most Popular Japanese Cat Names

First of all, we would pay respect to the most famous and popular Japanese cats out there. There is the famous YouTube star – Maru, then the anime stars like Kirara, Doraemon, which happens to be a futuristic robot cat, as well as Luna from the Sailor Moon. And let’s not forget the Pokemon head cat, Meowth. When it comes to popular Japanese cat names anime are certainly one of the best sources to look at:
  • Akira – Bright
  • Aiko – Child of Love
  • Geisha – Entertainer
  • Hana – Flower
  • Kioko – Happy
  • Luna –Moonling
  • Ren – Love
  • Sora – Sky
  • Yuki – Snow

All of this son really nice and unique, compared to some of the regular people names that we tend to give to our pets, especially in Western cultures. Along with the famous anime names, we can not forget Japanese cartoons  (and they do have a lot of really good ones) and that those can be a really good inspiration for your cat’s name, like:

  • Afro Ken – Although a dog that would certainly not like a cat wearing its name, Afro Ken represents a happy character that is mainly attracted to all kinds of fluffy things. Guess what? Just like your cat is.
  • Totoro – A cute name coming from a character who remains to be a role figure for Japanese kids. Always being cute and silent, he is just like your cat.
  • Jiji – If your kitty is serious than Jiji might be the right name for him. This beautiful black cat is certainly one of the most famous ones in the Japanese culture and a great idea for a name.

If your cat is a female, and you are looking for some of the regular Japanese names for her, here are few:

  • Airi – jasmine lover
  • Akemi – bright beautiful
  • Asuka – tomorrow perfume
  • Ceiko child of splendor
  • Chieko – child of intelligence
  • Etsuko – child of joy
  • Haruna – spring vegetables
  • Katsumi – victorious beauty
  • Mana – love
  • Yua – binding love

When it comes to giving your male cat a beautiful Japanese name we have our favorites also:

  • Aki – autumn
  • Akio – bright man
  • Daiki – great glory
  • Haruki – shining sun
  • Jiro – second son
  • Katsu – victorious
  • Ren – love, lotus
  • Tamotsu – protector
  • Yasuo – peaceful
  • Yukio – blessed hero

Fun Facts About Japanese Cat Culture

First of all, what you might like to know is that the Japanese have a National Cat’s Day and it is on 22nd February, ranging from the Executive Cat Day that happened in 1987. These animals are all over Japan, and a lot of people take them to work, and there are even cats cafes, with visitors being allowed to enjoy these pets and look at them playing while sipping a cup of coffee or a shot of sake.


We hope that after this article you at least got a brief idea on the Japanese culture and their love of cats. No matter what one you pick, with all these beautiful names and each having a unique meaning your cat is sure to be blessed!