The Oregon Ducks will play in new uniforms

For the new season, the Oregon Ducks got themselves new uniforms. Nothing is odd here but the way they presented them was unique.

Usually every time the Ducks have to present their uniforms before the first game, they do it through an athletic department-related account.

However, they decided to change the way this year. Some of the high school boys who will be the future Ducks have posted photos wearing the new uniforms online. The pants are dark whereas the helmets and the top are white. Furthermore, there are tiny yellow stripes around the black numbers and the neck which give this uniform a stylish look. The Ducks will wear them on Saturday in the match against Nebraska.

The NCAA now tolerates that the teams respond to recruits via Twitter and Oregon have been engaged sharing the Tweets from their athletes so that people can see a new style.

Take a look at the new uniforms: