The Original Partner For Ronda Rousey Revealed!

Ever since Ronda Rousey signed with the WWE, everybody thought that she was going to be in the championship match, most likely on Monday Night Raw since she is a huge draw and Vince always likes to have his biggest stars on his main show. Charlotte was the name that everybody talked about.

At the end of the day, it makes sense that Charlotte was in those rumors since she is indeed the biggest name in that division and having Ronda go up against the best would probably be the best for business.

But, this is probably the better choice by the WWE as she didn’t really do much to earn herself the championship match at the grandest stage of them all. They decided that this feud with Stephanie is the thing that they should follow up on from Mania 31.

Instead of having them in the ring alone, two non-wrestlers, they added Triple H and Kurt Angle who also had some history between them. In the end, it looks like this was a good move and we expect a decent match between these two teams.

Originally, WWE wanted to pair Ronda Rousey with Batista, a guy that also has a history with Triple H. On paper, it seems that he is just a perfect partner for Ronda. According to the reports, he wanted to come back and to have one more run with the company. Batista was willing to team up with Ronda if that were to lead to Triple H and Batista having a singles match at Mania 35.

In the end, WWE changed their plans, went with Kurt Angle and didn’t even inform Batista that the match is off.