The Pokémon Go Fever Hits Microsoft’s OneDrive

Pokemon Go

Microsoft adds new photodetection features to the cloud storage service. OneDrive will now create automatic albums and have Pokémon Go detection function.

OneDrive, the cloud-based file storage service, syncs all files across your devices. Among the records it stores are images and photos taken. OneDrive wants to improve how you view photos stored by creating albums without your input.

“OneDrive notes when few photos are taken, in a certain time at a particular location. The cloud service will now choose the highest quality photos taken and put them in an album,” Microsoft OneDrive’s program group manager, Douglas Pierce stated when Microsoft made the OneDrive announcement on 22nd July. One drive will then notify you when you can view the created albums. You can then share the albums on OneDrive or through the Windows 10 photo app.

The photodetection capabilities of OneDrive do not end there. Every Monday morning, OneDrive will remind you of the best moments captured over the weekend. It will create albums based on photos taken on Saturday and Sunday.

Microsoft also added the On This Day feature that allows users to turn back virtually time. This feature, found in the All Photos page, utilizes a timeline-based interface to enhance exploration of memorable moments and events from the past. The All Photos page also got an improved search function that supports emojis and supports searching of photo tags and location filters.

Microsoft also revised the photo menu to allow better photo management than before. Other updates include dedicated photo view folders that sport large thumbnails and a huge header image. The Windows 10 photo app has OneDrive integration. Once you sign into Windows 10 using your Microsoft account, you will access all photos stored in the cloud through the Windows 10 photo app.

The most notable update is the Pokémon Go detection feature. Yes, the Pokémon Go fever has struck OneDrive. According to Pearce lots of Pokémon Go users take screenshots of the game to show their friends their progress and boast capturing Pokémon. Microsoft thus saw it fit to enable users to find their Pokémon Go screenshots quickly. OneDrive worked in close collaboration with Microsoft Research and came up with the Pokémon detector, now a part of OneDrive.

Pokémon Go screenshots are automatically saved in OneDrive if the camera upload feature is on. The Pokémon detector categorises the screenshots into folders based on the name of the Pokémon. There are 150 Pokémon characters in the game, and OneDrive will help find them by name.

Pokémon Go, which launched a month ago, has captured headlines and become the most popular game in the US.