The Raiders Relocation From Oakland Approved


The Raiders have already left Oakland once in the past for Los Angeles, but they came back in 1995. Now, more than two decades later they applied for a relocation from their home and it got approved. The Oakland Raiders will be no more in few years as they will become Las Vegas Raiders in a couple of seasons.

In a decision that would have been hard to think about and imagine it not that far in the past, the owners of the NFL teams have voted that they approve the relocation of the Raiders to Vegas. A total of 31 votes were for yes while there has been only one vote that didn’t agree with the relocation of this team.


Why did they relocate? Well, the biggest reason for their trip to the Sin City is the fact that Raiders’ owner Mark Davis failed to build a stadium in Oakland for this squad. Because of that he explored his options and looked at the cities in which he can build a stadium for his team. LA was the option, but two franchises already moved there, so that left Las Vegas open for the Raiders. But, The Autumn Wind will not blow through Raiders games as they are set to play in a 1.7 billion domed stadium in Vegas.

They won’t be moving immediately. This team is going to stay in Oakland for a couple more seasons. The stadium that they will play in Las Vegas is not done and won’t be ready until the year of 2019. That means that the Raiders will spend 2017 and 2018 season playing at the Oakland Coliseum. Right now, they won’t switch the name to Las Vegas Raiders as they will play in Oakland. That means that we will get two more years of watching the Oakland Raiders in the Black Hole.