The Reason Why Ronda Rousey Wasn’t At Raw Revealed


Everybody expected Ronda Rousey to be a major part of the Royal Rumble. She was even the odds-on favorite to win the Rumble even though she wasn’t even announced as a member of the match officially. That is almost unheard of. In the end, the fans were both shocked and happy to see Stratus enter at 30, but they really wanted Ronda.

When the Rumble was over, the fans knew that they likely won’t see Ronda, like they expected to going into the event. In the end, even though she wasn’t in the match, she did show up to close the show. Her appearance gave us more questions than answers. There is no doubt that she is going to be with the WWE, but we still don’t know what role she is going to have.

We at least thought that we are going to get some answers on Monday Night Raw. But, she didn’t even show up. After the show concluded, we found out why she wasn’t at the show.


Right after the Rumble, she needed to hop on a plane in order to continue filming Mile 22 movie that she started before she signed with the WWE. Even though she is doing that right now, the reports are saying that she signed a multi-year deal with the WWE and that she is going to be with the company.

Her shooting is going to end in the mid-February so we can probably expect to see her at the end of the next month. The reason why she didn’t wrestle in the Rumble is probably that she couldn’t risk an injury until she finishes that project. The fact that Asuka was supposed to win it played a factor as well.