The Reason Why Samoa Joe Has Been Moved To Smackdown Live

Samoa Joe is a savvy veteran at this point in his career. Even though he doesn’t have the look that WWE wanted back in the day, he fits perfectly in this era of wrestling. Joe has been one of the best performers in the world for years down in the TNA and Ring of Honor. Coming over to the WWE and being in the NXT was great for him as he showed just how legit he is.

Even though he is relatively new to the main roster, the fact of the matter is that he is up there in age. Because of that, many people have thought that he wasn’t even supposed to move over to Monday Night Raw and that he was there to put over other talent in the NXT.

Well, he is just too good to be down in the developmental brand. Since moving to Monday Night Raw, he had some amazing promos and feuds, including the one with Roman Reigns. We can’t forget how good of a promo he had against Lesnar. Week after week, he showed us that he should be a big-time player in the WWE.

He made his return after Wrestlemania and cut deep into Roman Reigns with great work on the mic. All of this was more than enough to convince Vince and the higher-ups to push him the way he should be pushed.

According to the reports, Roman Reigns is supposed to run Raw in the next few months, which is something that we could have predicted. Because of that, the creative team wanted to move over Joe to Smackdown Live, since they couldn’t showcase him the way they want to on the red brand because of Roman. That is the basic reason why they did it.