The Rock – An Amazing Birthday Surprise Party for the Girlfriend

When you think of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, one of the first things that come to your mind would certainly be the size of his muscles, for example. Or his massive earnings. But have you ever had the opportunity to see how big a heart he has? In case you haven’t, he has shown us that it’s even bigger than any of the mentioned things. His two daughters, Jasmine and Simone, as well as his girlfriend, could never run out of the enormous amount of love he provides them with, but this time he has once again proved it. Namely, he seems to be head over heels in love with his girlfriend Lauren, even after ten years of relationship.

The actor posted on Instagram his celebration of Hashian’s birthday. He posted nine pictures, where one could say that he indeed gave his best to make this day more than special. He made her not one, but two surprises. Firstly, he decorated his trailer with streamers and balloon and presented her with a lovely cake and friends singing “Happy Birthday” the moment she walked in.


One would think that this would be enough, but not for The Rock, why would he stop there anyway? He also wrote it on his Instagram account, saying what he had done with the trailer and adding that they shouldn’t stop there because they could have more fun, so he had another crew in their house who waited for them and decorated it so she would get surprised once again. She didn’t even imagine that would happen.

Judging by the pictures on his Instagram account, their home was filled with flowers, cards, balloons, candles, and gifts. Afterwards, they enjoyed the wonderful dinner and even had Hashian’s mother perform a Polynesian hula while The Rock’s mom strummed the ukulele and sang. It is certain everyone would wish for this kind of a party… and a partner, as well.

Surprise to my @laurenhashianofficial! 🎊🎉🎈👏🏾 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special, beloved, one of a kind girl. I had my trailer decorated as a surprise when she walked in as we sang some happy birthday.. But why stop there when we can have mo fun… as she was getting this trailer surprise, I had a crew go to our house and decorate so when she got home she was surprised yet again. We celebrated all weekend and to cap it off our lovely mamas performed a beautiful Polynesian hula for the honored birthday girl. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, family, friends and all who was involved in creating such a phenomenal birthday weekend for Lauren. Amazing and so cool to see all the endless love that everyone has for this girl. Myself included. Happy Birthday darlin’ darlin’! I love you and you already know, but it’s appropriate I say it again, I’m a grateful man you were born. Now excuse me while I go destroy the rest of your cake. (liwdyn;) YM aka the surprise 👑

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