The Rock And John Krasinski Team Up To Do The Murph In Hawaii For Memorial Day

Memorial Day represents the opportunity for everyone to say THANK YOU to all fallen U.S. soldiers. While most people use this day to relax there are people that want to work and to further emphasize the importance of this holiday. One of those guys is Dwayne Johnson who decided to team up with John Krasinski and visit Iron Paradise gym in Hawai to challenge themselves and go through The Murph, one of the toughest CrossFit WODs.

This workout consists of some of the most basic exercises, but the number of repetitions and the need to finish everything as fast as you can make it extremely difficult. First in line is for you to run a mile after which you need to do 100 pullups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats finishing strong with another one-mile run. There is no doubt that this sounds quite challenging, but it is not all, there is more. All this needs to be done while wearing 20 lb weight vest.

As we already said, you need to finish this workout as fast as you can, and that heavy vest certainly won’t help you with it. Not long after the start you will feel exhausted, but you will have to overcome it and continue, and all that, without making any big breaks to recover. You will need everything you have to pull this one, including conditioning, strength and mental toughness.

Anyone that is in CrossFit will tell you that this is one of the hardest challenges and represents a Memorial Day standard. This is simply because most deployed service members prefer this workout, with one difference, for the added weight they use their body armor. LT. Michael Murphy, U.S. Navy SEAL, started all this and you should know that his accomplishments in combat were used for book and film “Lone Survivor.”

Many gyms host The Murph to raise money that is later on delivered to organizations that are helping those in need. Last year it was Chris Pratt that called Krasinski and the two went through it. This time around, Pratt is on tour promoting Jurassic World film, so instead of him, Dwayne Johnson joined Krasinski. While there is no info about the time they needed to finish the drill, we could see them quite sweaty in the video that was added by Johnson after they run the last mile.

Johnson used this opportunity to thank Pratt for starting this during the last year when he challenged Krasinski, but also to promise that he will go through it next year with a new partner. There are only a few people that can be even considered to potentially compete, and the one that immediately comes to our mind is Kevin Hart.