The Rock could miss WrestleMania 34 Due to Schedule Conflict


You do recall that we wrote, a while back, that The Rock might find his way on this years WrestleMania 34, but do to his many obligations towards Hollywood and his acting career that might not actually happen. Yesterday we wrote about his latest project and it is Disney’s Jungle Cruise, based on the Disney theme park rides starring Dwayne and Emily Blunt, that starts filming this year in May.

For the WrestleMania 34, as we found out from, the WWE is planning to pair Rousey and Dwayne to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag match. If you recall at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, Rousey was the one that came to The Rock’s assistance to fight off Triple H and Stephanie. To be perfectly honest the shooting of the movie is starting after the WrestleMania, but we believe that organizing the match might be very difficult when you consider the insurance issues. If you didn’t know the producers of the movie are always preparing an insurance for the cast of the movie in case actors get sick, injured or die during filming.


The fact which doesn’t make all of this any easier is that The Rock was already injured during his match Vs John Cena at WrestleMania 29 back in 2013. Thanks to this injury Dwayne had to miss doing media for the movie Pain & Gain while the production of the movie Hercules had to be moved several weeks back. When you have a big budget movie like this Disney’s one than, according to an article on NPR, we found out that “a delay of just one day can cost up to $250.000.” To add upon this, Dwayne hasn’t had a real match since WrestleMania 29. He did express interest in WrestleMania 32, but thanks to the insurance conundrum he ended up wrestling a one-move 6-second match against Erick Rowan where he luckily took no hits and sustained no injuries.

All in all, WrestleMania 34 and Dwayne’s involvement in it depends solely on the movie and whether they are able to get the insurance despite his involvement. The same NPR article stated that cast insurance typically goes for around $350.000 when you have 10-12 people involved, but when it is a project that has a $100 million budget, than that figure shoots up from $700.000 to $1 million, especially if one of the actors gets a “problem actor” tag.
Hmmm, we wonder who could that one be in this project?!

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