The Rock Explains How The Movie Skyscraper Got Pitched!

There are always great stories in Hollywood. Every so often we hear some amazing things about this magical place for movie lovers and today we are going to tell you one of those. You have heard of “Skyscraper” as it is one of the newest flicks that Dwayne The Rock Jonhson stars in. Well, you might know the film, but you don’t know how it came to be.

You are in luck because we are going to take you behind-the-scenes in order to show you how the idea for this project came up.

Dwayne Jonhson and some of his crew members have told the SYFY WIRE about the time they came up with the concept for this movie. If we told you the story, you wouldn’t believe it, so you need to watch the video and discover this yourself. One mini spoiler – it has something to do with the pineapple.

The Skyscraper got some decent reviews, but we understand that something like this is not everyone’s cup of tea. We can say that this movie exceeded the expectations a little bit since it is a nice flick if you have some time to spend with your family and watch something that is interesting, yet easy to take in and understand.

The Rock is always working really had, so we now almost expect to see one of his projects released every other month. His schedule is full all the time. For example, he is already booked for the next couple of years, which is a bit insane.

Then again, when you see something like this pineapple story, you just wonder about how other of his projects came to life, and how people, in general, come up with ideas for other movies.