The Rock Not Appearing At Wrestlemania 33?


Wrestlemania is always the biggest event of the year that WWE produces. It’s not just a wrestling show anymore, but it’s rather a spectacle that mainstream fans and casual fans also watch. Whether or not someone follows the matches on a regular basis, if they like wrestling, they are going to check out this show.

The company likes for all of their biggest stars to be there on that night and to have a role at Wrestlemania. Last year, a lot of top guys in the company have been injured and weren’t able to wrestle at the grandest stage of them all. One of the biggest segment of the show last year was The Rock being in the ring with the Wyatt family, actually wrestling a six-second match with Eric Rowan and winning the duel with The Rock Bottom. Then, Cena came out to even the odds against the Wyatt family.


Even though he hasn’t been wrestling since 2013, The Rock always found a way to appear at Wrestlemania to some degree, but it seems that he is going to miss Wrestlemania 33 and that he is not going to be on the show.

As of this moment, The Rock probably not going to be in Orlando. He is going to be busy promoting his new Fast and Furious movie that weekend and probably won’t be able to make it. According to reports, something drastic has to chance in his schedule in order for him to be able to appear. Right now, that is pretty unlikely to happen.

Originally there were rumors that The Rock and Vin Diesel feud could be solved in the ring, but later on, there were no confirmations, and nothing happened. Another possibility that was mentioned is for Dwayne Johnson to use Wrestlemania to further promote the latest sequel of the Fast and Furious franchise, but again, this might not happen.