The Rock Remembers His Match With Hulk Hogan At Wrestlemania

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is not all that much associated with the WWE. Even though he is one of the biggest Hollywood actors and that most people recognize him now as a movie star, people still do know where he came from and where he showcased the skills that propelled him to be the position of the most popular actor in Hollywood today. Back in the day, there was no arena that didn’t love when The Rock took the mic in his hands and did a promo on his opponent.

Wrestling has been in his family for a long time now. Both his father and his grandfather were with the same company that The Rock has been, but nobody thought that Dwayne is going to reach the heights that he did.

Now, he is making a lot of money in Hollywood, but the fact of the matter is that he does know where he came from. The 16-year anniversary of his clash with Hulk Hogan at Mania 18 was a day ago, and he did remember that match, which became one of the All-time classics in the WWE.

What is so special about this battle is that The Rock came into the show as a face, while The Hulkster was a heel. But, the fans didn’t want it that way, and they actually cheered Hulk Hogan, while The Rock was somewhat a heel in the match.

In the end, both guys got a lot of fan appreciation when they finished their performance, and they both thanked the crowd for amazing support. It made for one of the best Wrestlemania moments of all time.

The day later, they teamed up together, and the fans loved it. On his Instagram, he reflected on what this match meant to him, and he honored the anniversary of the battle.