The Rock Shines Light On His Relationship With Cold Stone

Dwayne Johnson likes to share memories from his WWE career from time to time, and now he talked about matches with Steve Cold Stone Austin. The Rock said that the best thing from working with Austin was that two men always attracted the biggest crowds and broke various records in the process.

People’s Champ and The Texas Rattlesnake had some big duels, three of them coming on the biggest stage of them all. The Rock managed to beat Austin only once, while two matches were won by Cold Stone. But, Johnson was able to win when it mattered the most, on the WM that was the last match for Steve Austin in the WWE.

One of Hollywood’s best-paid actors said he fondly remembers the ‘magical chemistry’ he and Austin had, and how their clashes always attracted biggest crowds and broke Pay-Per-View records.

During the Los Angeles Lakers Genius Talks Fast & Furious star said: “I think the matches I had with Steve Austin, they were really good. We just had a real special chemistry, and any time we got in the ring it kind of created this magic, and we broke a lot of records and PPV records. At that time WWE were still in a PPV model – they’re not now – but that was always cool because Steve and I had a goal, which was let’s sell out a stadium and let’s break a PPV record. He would push me, and we would push each other every single night.”

This was the last match for Steve Cold Stone Austin, as The Rock ended his career in WWE. After that, Johnson had success which will be hard to overcome by any wrestler. After the duel with Steve Austin, the Rock faced, and beaten superstars such as Bill Goldberg, Ric Flair, John Cena, CM Punk and many, many more.

Brahman Bull even holds a record for the shortest Wrestlemania match. During his last appearance on WM 32, he annihilated Erick Rowan in only 6 seconds.

We’ll leave his illustrative Hollywood career that followed after his exit from WWE for another article. It’ll take us another thousand of words, at least.