The Shannara Chronicles – New Characters, Season 2 News and Updates


The Shannara Chronicles Season two will soon begin, and five new characters are going to join the existing cast. Once the sequel premieres, you will have a chance to see Vanessa Morgan, Malese Jow, Caroline Chikezie, Gentry White and Desmond Chiam. Austin Butler, Manu Bennet and Ivana Baquero who play Wil, Allanon and Eretria will return to the show, and Aaron Jakubenko as Andera and Marcus Vanco as Brendon will also make a comeback.

In the upcoming season, we will see the Four Lands in chaos and the people are terrified because of the re-emergence of magic. The organization called The Crimson is in charge of hunting down those that are using magic, and they spread terror and intimidation among the races. Wil stopped using his special abilities after he lost Amberle and was separated from Eretria and now he focuses on becoming a healer.

However, he is saved by a mysterious woman named Mareth, and after this event, he starts fighting again. He, Mareth and Eretria, with whom he reunited look for Allanon just to find out that Bandon, the Druid’s former protégé, is on a task to bring The Warlock Lord back to life. Only united can the heroes prevent The Crimson and Bandon from doing evil across the lands.


The Shannara Chronicles New characters

Vanessa Morgan will play Lyria, who is “a beautiful and mysterious young woman who’s romantically linked to Eretria.”

Her co-actress Malese Jow will play Mareth who is “both volatile and unpredictable — and possesses magical abilities. Sharp, brash and independent to a fault, Mareth gets what she wants on her own terms (and by any means necessary).”

Gentry White will portray Garet, “a skilled, sly, and charismatic bounty hunter known throughout The Four Lands as ‘The Weapons Master.’ Wise-cracking and virile with a roguish charm, the only thing Garet likes more than money is a good fight.”


Desmond Chiam plays General Riga, “a former top dog in Eventine’s army who’s now responsible for all the havoc in The Four Lands. After watching his people slaughtered in the War of the Races and fighting the Dagda Mor in the War of the Forbidding, Riga became convinced that the source of all problems in The Four Lands was neither good or evil but magic itself — and hence became leader of The Crimson.”

Caroline Chikezie will play Queen Tamlin of Leah, “the powerful and cunning ruler of Leah, the only human kingdom in The Four Lands. A ruthless weapons manufacturer with a strategic mind and a talent for manipulating people, Tamlin uses her royal clout to solidify a political alliance with the elves.”