The Shield Old Entrance Returns To Monday Night Raw


The WWE has been teasing reuniting the Shield for weeks now. First, it was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose that joined forces. They won the titles at the biggest party of the summer. Then, Roman Reigns needed some help, and the Shield was shown to be there by his side. Last week they did the triple powerbomb and the fist bump. Everything was there. But, they entered as themselves and not the faction.

This week, the WWE went all out and made them enter as the unit. Back in the day, they used to come down from the crowd to a theme song that is similar to the song that Roman Reigns uses now. But, the worlds Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta were always present before the song began as that is the code for the Shield. This week, we have heard those words yet again, and the trio came down from the stands to surround the ring like they used to.


They were also dressed in the Shield signature gear. No custom shirts were present, it was all black, and it was all business. Even though this Shield reunion is just something that WWE thought of in order to sell some tickets, it is always nice to see these three guys.

The company also probably got away with just playing Roman songs instead of the Shield one after the code words. The instrumentals are pretty similar, but there is a difference if you take a closer attention and listen to both of those at the same time. There are people that are going to notice that, but most of the casual fans have no clue what WWE did right there.