The Tesla Model S Hearse – Meet the First Electric Funeral Transport Vehicle

A funeral transport company in the Netherlands, Vander der Lans & Busscher BV, is currently developing a new Tesla Model S hearse vehicle. So far, we can only see photoshopped pictures of the vehicle, but the companies claim that the car is a real deal.

The director at the funeral transport company, Jan Busscher said:”It is a real world first. We’ve seen years of fully green and sustainable cars. However, we previously step into completely electric cars but never with a range of at least 350 kilometers.”

Some dark humor comments such as “I bet it will be popular. People will be dying to ride in one,” have been posted, but joking aside, this car does look great.

First of all, the battery had been taken out after the vehicle was cut in half in order to modify and extend the base by 31.5 inches. After that, they returned the battery. They managed to retain Tesla’s signature lines, but the modification must have affected performance somehow. The company refused to announce any details.

Although the Tesla Model S is transformed into a hearse, it might give us some insight how a wagon version of Tesla would look.

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Stay tuned for more details and meanwhile, you can check the photos of a vehicle here: