“The Titan Games” – Dwayne Johnson’s new NBC Show

Source: www.tvinsider.com

We all know just how persistent and hard working Dwayne is, but come one! Does this guy ever takes some time off?! We were just informed that Dwayne Johnson would be adding another show to his ever-growing resume. We found out that he is joining the NBC for The Titan Games.

The show will consist of 10-episodes, and it will be pure physical competition series that is meant to test all of us (regular Joes, willing to apply) and it will offer us the chance to compete in head-to-head challenges that are designed to fully test our mind, body and heart. As we managed to find out the series is inspired by Johnson’s desire to push, motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential. As you might presume, anyone who applies will go through rigorous regime and psychological roughness, that Dwayne puts himself through whenever he practices and prepares for what awaits him. Below is the vid where Dwayne calls to all potential Titans to rise to the challenge, with words “Titans aren’t born, they’re made!”

In a statement regarding the new NBC show, Johnson said: “We wanted to create a new kind of athletic competition unlike anything ever attempted before.” He also added, “The Titan Games will challenge competitors to succeed in ways no one thought possible while entertaining the whole world at the same time.” Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment, stated that “Dwayne’s passion and drive for excellence, coupled with his inherent knowledge of all things physical, make him uniquely qualified to partner with us for ‘The Titan Games’.”

Titans Games
Source: www.tvinsider.com

The official description of the series from NBC reads “In each episode, competitors from across America will step inside an electrifying arena and put themselves to the ultimate test by facing one of six reigning Titans. They will battle their opponents in remarkable feats that will require both mental stamina and physical strength. If a contender can defeat one of the existing Titans, they will take their place as a member of the elite Titan group. However, winning is just the start in this arena. Once one becomes a Titan, they will need to be victorious every week to remain at the top. The season finale will end with an epic battle where the Titans compete against one another in hopes to become the last male and female standing.”

The official premiere date is not yet set, and we will have to wait on NBC for that but, as of now, you can apply to be on the show by visiting nbc.com/TITANS. The series will be brought by the Universal Television Alternative Studio, A. Smith & Co. Productions and Seven Bucks Productions (co-founded by Johnson).