Top 10 Apps of 2017

11Best Apps of 2017

Without them, your expensive new smartphone isn’t much fun (or even that useful).

With over 2 million apps out there, it’s hard to know which one will be a complete waste of megabytes, and which one will be a total life-changer.

So, here’s a list from people who make it their business to know all about the app business. Some of them are brand new, but you’ll also find some old classics who received brand new updates.


You no longer have to research (and guess) the best hashtags for your photos. This app will put your posts ahead of others by generating the best possible hashtags for them, based on the description you provide.

9Google Maps

One of the oldest apps out there got some amazing new features this year and made the list. It answers the most important questions for any driver – what’s the parking situation there and what time should I leave in order to avoid being stuck in traffic.


8Warby Parker

Straight from the future and into your iPhone X. This clever app uses the phone’s futuristic facial scanning technology to let you virtually try on any pair of specs. Time to upgrade your online shopping game.

7HQ Trivia

Always wanted to be on a game show, but camera adds 10 pounds? Join thousands of contestants who compete in scheduled trivia games, for actual money. It’s all happening via this app and you’ll even get a reminder that it’s about to be game on.


Faces are fun to play around with, digitally. This app takes that to a whole new level. You can even find out if you’ll be aging well (if you dare) with one of many Snapchat-style filters this funny app has to offer.


Every urbanite’s dream app. A car, when you want it, without paperwork, pushy salespeople or waiting in line. Simply locate, unlock and drive away. When you’re done, find the nearest drop off spot, lock and walk away.

4Adobe Lightroom CC

Almost all of the Adobe Lightroom’s magical powers are now available on your smartphone. You’ll have to pay for some of them though, but your Instagram feed will be packing some serious heat.

3Zup icd

This nostalgic app lets younger generations experience scrapbooking. It enables you to ask and answer questions and get insight into the people around you. It’s the best of both worlds-old and new, digital and organic.


Hackers can be clever. But, thankfully, so can people who make apps. This encrypted messaging app offers better online privacy and security so you can communicate more freely.

1Tour Guide icd

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Now you can. Literally. This app lets you avoid tourist traps and boring tours by selecting one of creative, custom routes offered by local guides. The foodie tours seem to be the most popular.