Theory Confirmed: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson movie universe is in creation

The most coveted and the most profitable target for all Hollywood producers worth their salt is the creation of a universe consisting of several movies with parallel plots. Apparently, it’s not just DC and Marvel that are doing it. Others want a piece of the cake as well.

Hiram Garcia, president of Dwayne Johnson’s production company, Seven Bucks Productions, seems to be one of them. It looks like there is a strange connection between Johnson’s roles in his various movies. Since 2011, he has starred in more than 40 of them. Obviously, not all of them are part of the matrix, but the most important ones are.

“In our business, the ultimate goal is everyone wants to create a universe, so if we can somehow, if there’s a master plan happening right now that you just don’t know. But maybe in about 10 more years, we’re gonna have our version of an “Infinity War,” a “Dwayne Johnson War”,” Garcia said.

Garcia hinted at the nature of the connection.

“There very much is always a thread … It’s always about a guy who’s somehow getting better, even just a little bit. If you look at the most extreme version, “Pain and Gain,” even as that character, he got a little bit better somehow at the end. … That’s something we do try to look for in our movies. There’s always a little bit of healing. There’s always a little bit of getting better, coupled with some kind of a family tie, something of heart.”

The Rock’s story begins some 5,000 years ago, with “The Mummy Returns.” He plays the role of the Scorpion King, and his soul is freed by Rick with the help of the Oziris’ spear. This made him immortal, allowing him to roam the earth for millennia and help others, be it as Hercules, a rescue helicopter pilot, or a good fairy.