Things That Can Help In The Proper Development Of Children


A baby’s development doesn’t start when it’s born, quite the contrary, a baby starts developing its body from the 4th week of pregnancy. When the fetus reaches 17 weeks, it can even hear you as you speak. There are many ways and things you can do that will help you in the proper development of your child, but possibly the most important one involves you and your doctor.

Start Connecting With Your Baby


As soon as your baby can hear you, after 17 weeks of pregnancy, a very smart thing to do is to sing and read to your soon to be newborn.Connecting with your child at an early stage is extremely important considering that it lives, eats, and feels within you. Another thing to remember is that when your child has a special bond with you even before it is born, and it will try to communicate back with you. By communicating with the fetus at an early stage, you will create an even stronger bond, one that no one will break it.

Introduce it to a Pediatrician


A pediatrician is a doctor that focuses on your child physical, mental, emotional, and even social health. If you’re a first-time mommy, then you should know that most parents introduce their fetus with their doctor before it’s even born. As most newborns are taken to the pediatrician several times a year, it’s important to create a good relationship between your child and its doctor.  According to Pediatric Orthopedics experts at, introducing your newborn to an orthopedic at an early stage will give the baby a sense of security whenever it’s time to visit the doctor.Orthopedics are excellent with children and they can even specialize to treat your baby in its teen years.

Start Doing Activities Together


Babies are very playful and they require a lot of attention. After the first 6 months, the baby will develop the motor skills necessary to sit up and even retrieve objects. It is that time when your child introduces itself to the wonderful world of playing. While your child can play on its own, it is recommended for you to spend as much time together doing activities as possible in order to facilitate its development. While toys and objects will force your child to go after them, encouraging your child to move more, spending activities together with mommy and daddy will continue its physical and mental development.

Keep it Away from The TV

Modern parents think that it is wise to give their child their phones in order to keep it quiet. This cannot be a bigger mistake as you are hindering its mental development by giving it a device that is harmful to him. Smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and TV all can damage your child’s mental progression and can cause stagnation if exposed regularly to these devices at a younger age.

The Bottom Line


In order for your baby to have the perfect development, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Spending time with your child by communicating and doing activities will have a huge impact on your child’s mental development. Furthermore, introducing your child to a pediatric orthopedic at an early age can be extremely beneficial for its physical development. Focusing on your baby’s emotional and social well-being is another step towards the road of perfect development, and both you and his orthopedic play a crucial role.