Things We Know About Dwanta Clause, Dwayne Johnson’s Holiday Alter Ego

7Dwayne Johnson Aka Dwanta Clause

When you are as popular as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and you are a big entertainer, it is bound to happen that you either get or make few of your own nicknames. This man was known in the last few years as The People’s Champion, The Rock, The Brahma Bull, etc., but the latest one is Dwanta Claus. It is quite obvious that this nickname has been created when combining Dwayne and Santa, the result is Dwanta Clause.

The good news here is that Dwanta will visit both good and bad, but also all genders, races and ages. And as the man himself suggests, those who he visits hopefully will be both naughty and nice. Here is the list of 6 Things that we know about Dwanta Clause.