This 96-Year-Old Grandma Is New York City Fashion Icon


Have you heard of Iris Apfel? Well, she is a 96-year-old woman who is a fashion icon of the New York City, and she keeps intriguing the public day after day. She is also a businesswoman and an interior designer. She recently talked about social networks, fashion and some other areas of life.

Iris decided to share her wisdom with the world, especially with the other women across the globe. She pointed out that she only wears makeup when she has to be in front of the cameras. When she is not photographed or scheduled to appear one some major event, she just uses the red lipstick and nothing else.

Iris said: “I never use a lot of makeup because I think that is really disgusting. Makeup makes women look older.” Moreover, she disagrees with some of the things which are common today. For example, the trend of wearing a sweatsuit to the various public events is not appropriate.


Recently, Iris wrote a book about the modern technology and how it destroyed social life, as well as the intimate life of so many young people around the world. She stated: “I don’t know why people are so interested in other people’s activities every minute of the day. I believe people are wasting time doing such things.”

Iris was born in Astoria, Queens, New York and ever since she was little, she was interested in arts and fashion. She graduated from the art history at New York University, while she also attended art school at the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to her business, she traveled around the world with her husband Carl Apfel, who passed away in 2015 just a few days before turning 101.